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Samsung is one of largest electronics and technology brands in the world with a product range that spans across numerous categories.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices: Experience the flexibility of smartphones, tablets, smart watches and mobile accessories.

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Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment: Immerse yourself in stunning home entertainment with TVs, home theatre systems, Blu-ray players and speakers.

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Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances: Add elegance to your kitchen with the range of fridges and freezers.

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Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners: Keep your home healthy and clean more easily than ever before with robotic vacuum cleaners.

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Laundry Appliances: For laundry appliances that deliver outstanding results, see the range of washing machines and dryers.

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Computer Accessories

Computer Accessories: Discover high performance computer accessories with cutting-edge monitors and storage drives.

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About Samsung

From its small beginnings as a trading company, Samsung has grown into a world-class brand with innovations and breakthrough products that have made Samsung a leader in numerous fields. Samsung currently holds the largest global market share for smartphone, and ranks as a top 10 global brand.

Founded by Lee Byung-chul in 1938, Samsung expanded into numerous areas including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail. By the late 1960s, Samsung had reached into the electronic industry, construction and shipbuilding. Since the 1990s Samsung globalized its activities and branched into the mobile phones and semiconductors, which has became a key source of income.

In recent years, the company has become the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and a major vendor of tablet computers and pioneer of the phablet. Samsung electronics has set numerous technological precedents and continues to break technological records.

Mobile Devices

Samsung Mobile Devices

Samsung offers a range of mobile devices including Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets and smartwatches; along with peripherals to support and enhance your devices, such as adapters, chargers, case covers and more.

Enjoy the flexibility of Samsung Galaxy mobiles devices. Designed to meet a multitude of needs, Samsung is perfect for consumers seeking flexibility and performance in a portable device.

Mobile Phones

Samsung Mobile Phones

The Samsung Galaxy series of mobile phones combine the perfect balance of performance, reliability and stylish looks you would expect from an industry leader in Smartphone manufacturing.

Enjoy access to exclusive apps through the Galaxy Apps store, take amazing photos with world class camera technology and watch videos on screens that will make even your friends jealous.

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Samsung Tablets

Samsung tablets balance screen size with powerful performance so you can enjoy the highest quality images and videos in a flexible mobile device.

Choose from a range of Samsung Galaxy Tabs with lightweight designs that range in size and style.

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Samsung Smartwatches

For greater convenience and portability, Samsung smart watches are the ideal choice for people on the move.

Samsung watches offer a range of features, such as intuitive navigation, fitness tracking, music, news and more. Choose a clock face to suit your life style.

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Mobile Accessories

Samsung Mobile Accessories

Enhance your Samsung mobile devices with accessories that provide greater versatility and portability.

Samsung connection kits, HDTV adapters, car chargers, batteries, and cases give your Samsung phones and tablets greater flexibility for your specific needs.

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Home Entertainment

Samsung Home Entertainment

Create the ultimate home entertainment experience with Samsung. Choose from a variety of Samsung Smart TVs, like the stunning Samsung Pure & White TV range, Media Players, Home Theatres and Sound Systems including portable speakers and sound bars.

From the range of Samsung products available, you and your family can enjoy the ultimate in entertainment.


Samsung Televisions

Samsung televisions offer the very latest in image and entertainment technology with a range smart TVs.

With a range of TVs that deliver a truly immersive viewing experience, Samsung television also feature facial and voice recognition, social media options, gaming, web browsing and more.

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Samsung Pure & White TV

Samsung Pure & White TV

Samsung Pure & White TV blends technology and design to deliver a TV that is pure in style on the outside, but far from simple on the inside.

Intertwining performance, function and perfection, Samsung Pure & White TVs impress with incredible brightness, uncomplicated controls and a seamless white finish that fits into almost any home environment.

*Tripod stand available as an optional extra.

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Home Theatre Systems

Samsung Home Theatre Systems

Enhance your television entertainment experience with a Samsung home theatre system that provides rich realistic audio for your favourite movies and shows.

Samsung home theatres systems come with 3D Blu-ray player and multiple channels for exceptional surround sound. Enjoy a truly cinematic experience with Samsung in the comfort of your own home.

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Blu-ray Players

Samsung Blu-ray Players

Watch your favourite movies and TV series on your television with a Samsung Blu-ray player.

Samsung offers a range of players and recorders, including 3D capable, 2D, Freeview, DVD and recorder options.

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Samsung Sound

Enhance your entertainment options with wireless speakers that can be placed anywhere around your home.

Samsung SOUND speakers are compatible with smartphone, tablet and PC’s, and allow you to listen to your favourite music tracks through the free app, via internet radio or preferred streaming services.

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Kitchen Appliances

Samsung Kitchen Appliances

Samsung kitchen appliances bring the latest technology to your home.

Stylish, easy-to-use and reliable, Samsung kitchen appliances take the hassle out of food preparation and the after meal clean up. Fitted with high-quality components and packed with features, Samsung appliances produce a performance you can depend on.

Samsung offers a range of kitchen appliance that can make your life easier.

Black is Back

Black is Back

Samsung black fridges introduce style, sophistication and leading-edge design into your home.

Crafted with black-layered steel and fitted with the highest-quality components, these fridges look great and deliver outstanding results. Advanced technology such as independent cooling systems and Twin Cooling mean you can store practically any food and keep it fresher for longer.

Customise your storage according to the occasion by transforming the right-hand Smart Flex Zone Freezer Space into more fridge space or simply use as a freezer.

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Samsung fridges are powered by advanced cooling technology.

Efficient, effective and stylish, Samsung fridges look good, work brilliantly and enhance the décor of any kitchen. Packed with functions and features, Samsung refrigerators keep your food in optimal conditions and make it easy for you to store and access all your groceries.

From stainless steel French door fridges to classic, white, top mounted refrigerators, Samsung has an option to suit any home and budget.

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Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners

The Samsung vacuum cleaner comes in a range of styles and designs including bagless barrel and handheld, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Designed for smooth and easy movement, Samsung vacuum cleaners offer powerful suction and effective cleaning on multiple floor surface types. Robotic technology delivers automated cleaning so you have more free time.

Samsung vacuum cleaners come in a range of designs to suit your needs. There are even Samsung robotic models to automate the workload.

Robotic Vacuums

Samsung Vacuum Cleaners

The Samsung robotics vacuum cleaners comes in a range of styles and designs.

Designed for easy lifestyles, Samsung robotic vacuums offer effective automated cleaning gives free time for other tasks or leisure. Smart mapping technology means Samsung robotic vacuums clean along the most efficient routes without supervision.

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Samsung Laundry

Take the strain out of doing the laundry with a selection from Samsung’s range of washers and dryers.

Samsung laundry appliances deliver outstanding results every time. Equipped with advanced technology and durable components, Samsung washing machines and tumble dryers take the guess work out of cleaning your clothes and produce a performance you can rely on.

Available in a range of styles and capacities, Samsung laundry appliances can meet the needs of any Australian home.



Samsung AddWash is the feature that allows you to get the most from every washing cycle.

AddWash allows you to add forgotten items, additional softener and even rinse-only items after the washing cycle has already started. What is more, AddWash couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pause the cycle, open the built-in Add Door and place the items into the drum.

Available on selected front loader models, Samsung AddWash combines with a host of other advanced tech for unparalleled convenience and outstanding results.

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Front Loaders

Front Loaders

Samsung front loader washing machines and washer dryers make light work of any and all laundry.

Capable of taking loads of as great as 16Kg, Samsung front loaders are ready to help you with whatever life throws your way. What is more, Smart features and technology like Samsung Add Wash, which allows you to add clothes or conditioner after the cycle has started, mean you are always in total control.

Samsung washer dryer combos are ideal for smaller homes. They offer all the performance and features you would expect from two individual Samsung appliances in one effective unit.

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Top Loaders

Top Loaders

Samsung top loader washing machines help you clean your clothes with minimal fuss and effort.

Capable of coping with loads of up to 13Kg, Samsung top loaders are perfect for large, busy families. Features such as DiamondDrum technology and a built-in sink ensure that the wash cycle is gentle on your clothes and as thorough as you need it to be.

Fast, quiet and easy-to-use, Samsung top loaders help you stay in control of your laundry.

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Computer Accessories

Samsung Computer Accessories

Samsung computer accessories help you make the most of your devices.

Samsung monitors bring breath-taking visuals to your computer set up. Choose from UHD resolution, curved screens and monitors with AMD FreeSync technology and enjoy the best content in the best quality.

Samsung storage drives are also packed with leading-edge components that help you keep files safe, secure and with you at all times. Whether portable SSDs with blistering speeds or ultra-compact USBs drives with large capacities, Samsung storage has you covered.


Samsung Monitors

See everything in brilliant detail with Samsung Monitors that are suitable for professional use and gaming. Content up scaling maximizes original resolutions to help create clearer and sharper images.

Fast responsive rates on Samsung monitors ensure fast moving images retain clarity and smooth transition.

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Storage Drives

Storage Drives

Samsung offers a range of convenient external storage drives, include high performance solid-state drives and USB drives.

Keep your data safe in a range of stylish large capacity storage drives that provide security for your professional and personal data.

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